Why Hurrying Destroys Your Blogging Campaign

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Every blogging success I’ve experienced is because I took my time. Every blogging failure I experienced is because I hurried through my blogging campaign. This is easy to see because fear is force, force negates, and negating your blogging efforts leads to failure. But blogging from the energy of patience, love, and generosity positions you to succeed online because going slowly helps you spot all the details you need to add in order to succeed. Blogging is no joke because you need to see this journey through many thousands of hours. That means you need to be patient during those thousands of hours in order to build a successful blogging foundation.

Why Hurrying Destroys Your Blogging Campaign

 I hurried during significant portions of my blogging campaign many years ago and paid the price for honoring my fears. I would do things from frenzied energy and eventually failed. Or I would be patient for a little bit then panic and bail after a few months, totally undercutting my blogging campaign. Now I know better but only because these painful lessons seared themselves deep into my subconscious mind.

 Hurrying around destroys your blog and online campaign because you do everything that ensures your blogging failure. Imagine spamming a thousand people today from obvious energy of hurry. Where does that get you? Nowhere of course. But spamming is just the tip of the hurrying blogger iceberg.

Imagine someone burying a seed and then digging it up 5 hours later, being frustrated that the seed hadn’t grown into a tree within one day. If this sounds silly for a gardener, why do so many bloggers follow a similar approach when it comes to creating and connecting generously?  Bloggers complain about not seeing any traffic or profits after 3 weeks or 3 months but this is just the beginning of your blogging career. Traffic and profits flow in over many thousands of hours of blogging effort. Become fully invested in enjoying the process of creating and connecting to see the journey through and to leave the habit of hurrying behind.

 Spend time in personal development every single day of your life. I prefer meditating, doing yoga and also walking each day to expand my awareness, to face my fears and to also blog from a calm and patient energy. Do whatever works for you. The key is to follow your daily mindset regimen for years because inner world changes take time, effort and a genuine commitment to the powerful but slow changing principles.  Not hurrying and blogging from a really calm energy is worth the effort you put into this daily mindset practice.

 Surround yourself with confident, professional bloggers. Feed off of their calm energy. Adopt their posture well before you become a pro because you need to have posture now in order to become a professional blogger. Be clear on your product and service pricing, even when people try to lower your rates. Stand firm.. Visualize your dream life manifesting through blogging to give you faith in moments where doubts try to creep into your mind and you consider lowering your pricing.

Never do this unless it feels fun, freeing, relaxing and abundant. In almost every case, people lower pricing because they fear losing money which is a terrible idea. Doing things from fear ensures that your fears manifest. How about raising prices to move into more abundant, prospering blogging circles?


Letting go my habit of hurrying felt super duper uncomfortable at the time because I was used to sprinting forward like a mad man. Do you need help with doing freeing but uncomfortable stuff, like this hurrying habit release? Buy my eBook:

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